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COVID-19: Important information


[DAILY UPDATE] Latest case numbers in Croatia: https://www.croatiacovid19.info/

[TEST INFO] To make your planned holiday carefree, we are organising testing at the destination of your stay for all our guests who are required to be tested in order to return to their country of residence. The price of the PCR test, with results within 24 hours, is HRK 375.00 +VAT (approx. EUR 50 +VAT) and of the fast test, with results in less than an hour, HRK 100.00 +VAT (approx. EUR 14 +VAT). Test results are in Croatian and English.Sample taking is performed within Maistra's facilities

Camping is considered the safest way to holiday in these unfamiliar times as direct contact with other guests is minimised. Our campsites are located in natural surroundings, away from the hustle of the city with a wide choice of accommodation options offering peace and privacy.

Camper and caravan owners have the advantage of being able to use their own kitchens and bathrooms as part of their holiday vehicle.
Mobile homes also present a lower risk, since in this type of accommodation, guests do not have direct contact with other tourists. At the same time, all mobile homes are equipped with their own toilets and have their own kitchens where meals can be prepared.

The safety of our guests has always been a priority for Maistra, especially today in view of the coronavirus pandemic. That is why at all our campsites, we take additional precautions and the following measures:

Reception desk

  • Protective barrier on the reception desk.
  • Electronic check-in via e-mail is available to guests before their arrival.
  • Checkout announced in advance in order to prepare the invoice to reduce the guest’s time spent at the reception desk.
  • Detailed information for guests regarding the measures for the prevention of COVID-19 which are implemented at the campsite.
  • Limiting the number of guests at the reception desk.
  • Social distancing in the area surrounding the reception desk.
  • Protective masks, gloves and disinfectant are available to guests on request.
  • We offer mobile home cleaning services and bed linen and towel changing services solely on your request which you register at your arrival or when at the reception desk.
  • Hand disinfectant at the entrance to the property, as well as the reception desk.

Common areas

  • Wearing protective masks while moving in the closed common areas of the campsite is mandatory.

Restaurants and bars

  • Hand disinfection at the entrance of the restaurants and bars.
  • Tables arranged in a way that facilitates social distancing between guests.
  • Current prescribed space between tables is 4 m, with chairs 2 m apart. On the terraces, outdoors, the prescribed space is 3 m between tables, with chairs of neighbouring tables 1.5 m apart.
  • Protective face masks are mandatory.
  • Table and cutlery setting in accordance with the current recommendations of the Croatian Institute of Public Health.
  • In à la carte restaurants, tables are kept empty until guests arrive and cutlery is not set until the guests are seated.
  • Tables, menus and price lists, as well as all other items on the table, are disinfected and the table setting is replaced after every guest. If linen tablecloths or napkins are used, they are also replaced after each guest.
  • Staff follows good practices in maintaining personal hygiene (frequent hand washing, following hygiene regulations while coughing).
  • Employees are trained to follow safety and hygiene standards while preparing food and serving guests.
  • Maistra has implemented self-inspection following the company’s guidelines on food safety.


  • Implementation of new cleaning plans which include disinfection of all surfaces and areas.
  • Information available to guests regarding the procedures of mobile home cleaning, bed linen changes, and sanitary facility cleaning.
  • We offer mobile home cleaning services and bed linen and towel changing services solely on the request of guests which they register on arrival or during their stay.
  • Bed linen will be changed on request (if guests do not want mobile home cleaning during their stay).
  • More frequent washing and disinfecting of bed linen and towels for guests.
  • Cleaning staff always wear protective masks and gloves.
  • During mobile home cleaning, windows and doors are open in order to increase air circulation and ensure proper ventilation of the space.
  • Regular disinfection of critical (contact) points in the accommodation unit / mobile home. Critical (contact) points within the accommodation unit are disinfected with an alcohol-based disinfectant, and always before new guest arrival.
    Critical (contact) points:
    - Switches: sockets, lamps, lighting,
    - Air-conditioning unit controller, TV remote control,
    - Knobs: doors, wardrobes, drawers, nightstands,
    - Bed: bed linen, pillowcases, mattress, covers,
    - Bathroom surfaces: washbasin, taps, mirror, towel racks, toilet bowl, shower unit, tiles and surfaces,
    - Bathroom items: glasses, dispensers, cosmetics,
    - Wardrobes: drawers, hangers,
    - Work surfaces: tables, nightstands, armchairs, chairs, sofa,
    - Terrace: chairs and table, laundry rack, ashtray, barbecue.
  • In public areas, at the reception desk and in the common sanitary facilities and toilets, a detailed plan of cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched items and surfaces is implemented in order to reduce the risk of infection.
  • Disinfectant dispensers are installed in different camp areas and include the areas which are used by guests and camp personnel, as well as other relevant areas.
  • In public toilets there are instructions on proper hand washing.
  • A cleaning schedule is also available to guests in all public toilets.

Beach and swimming pool

  • During work and maintenance of these camp areas, Maistra employees always use protective masks as well as additional protective equipment where necessary.
  • A disinfectant plan is in place for all high-touch objects and surfaces.
  • At pools and beaches, social distancing is ensured by the sunlounger layout plan.
  • Sunloungers are disinfected regularly. We recommend covering the sunlounger with a towel before use.

Operational activities

  • We follow the guidelines and recommendations of local authorities:
    - Wash your hands regularly with soap and water or use alcohol-based hand disinfectant.
    - When coughing or sneezing, cover your mouth and nose with your elbow or a tissue you will then discard and wash your hands.
    - Avoid touching your face, mouth, nose and eyes.
    - Avoid close contact with people who are unwell or have symptoms such as high temperature, coughing and/or breathing difficulties.
    - Employees who feel unwell should stay at home. Call your doctor and avoid going to a healthcare institution, unless recommended by the doctor.
    - Avoid handshakes and close physical contact; maintain social distancing.
  • We monitor employee body temperature using a non-contact thermometer each day when they arrive at work. We keep records on body temperature measurements in order to ensure health and safety of our employees at all times.
  • A procedure in case of a coronavirus occurrence in any of our properties has been defined along with all of the standard operating procedures and contact numbers (https://www.hzjz.hr/sluzba-epidemiologija-zarazne-bolesti/postupanje-zdravstvenih-djelatnika-u-slucaju-postavljanja-sumnje-na-novi-koronavirus-2019-ncov/).
  • Protective gloves are mandatory for staff serving food and performing housekeeping activities.

In addition to our efforts, we expect that campsite guests will also need to do their part – to take responsibility for cleanliness and especially for washing hands regularly. It will be especially important to ensure that children are also taught and are aware of these measures. We believe that through our preparation and extra care from our employees and guests, we can all enjoy the summer the way we are used to.

Start planning your holiday and choose the campsite that suits you best!

Maistra Camping


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