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Bike trails

Due to short distances, vast road networks and MTB tracks, Istria is an ideal bike destination for recreational cyclists, as well as for the preparations of professional biking clubs. Due to the central position on the west coast of Istria, visitors accommodated in bike friendly facilities of Maistra in Rovinj and Vrsar may use the entire offer of bike tracks available on the official regional bike portal www.istria-bike.com

Visitors accommodated in our bike venues have an easy access to the rich and versatile network of cycling tracks, which offers them daily cycling trips in the region.

Vrsar is more attractive to road cyclists because the cycling tracks are linked by the vast network of asphalt roads which have low traffic in the pre-season and post-season period. The region of Rovinj and its surrounding districts are more suitable for MTB cyclists, as well as for families with children.

Trails in Vrsar

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Maistra Bike - Vrsar

Trails in Rovinj

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Maistra Bike - Rovinj

Special features of the bike trails offer

  • Casanova's track in Vrsar passes by the house where the famous Casanova once resided, as well as through the protected scenery of the Lim bay and the reserve forest Kontija.
  • Track Vistrum in Rovinj passes through the protected Rovinj coastal area and islands and through the ornithological reserve Palud and the archaeological site of Monkodonjo.
  • This is an interesting and specific cycling-walking-gastro-educative track, which has 11 educational boards and 10 sign maps on the main spots of the track. There are 4 renewed resting areas with benches and tables by the church of St. Toma (St. Thomas), St. Krištofor (St. Christopher), St. Prot and near the vantage point on the Lim canal.
  • Boat ride through the Lim canal is an interesting boat connection. However, the two destinations, Rovinj and Vrsar, are seperated by a natural barrier – 10 km long Lim canal. We recommend an unusual cycling experience; riding your bike on Rovinj tracks, taking a boat ride through the Lim canal, and continuing to cycle in Vrsar. Of course, the converse option is also available!